Friday, March 26, 2010

FHE Scavenger Hunt

One of our yearly goals is to hold a Family Home Evening for our children once a week. We usually try for Monday nights, but is doesn't always end up that way. :o) I have collected several Family Night books over the past six years, but we seem to have the most fun with lessons that I come up with in a pinch. (For a GREAT resource tool for families with young children, check out my previous post on the new Nursery Manual! We use this 2-3 times a month and the kids love it!)

Well, picture this if you will... It is 3:00pm on a Monday night. I haven't thought about dinner options, let alone a Family Night lesson. My children are sleeping (which is a RARE occurrence to get all three napping at once) and I am beginning to feel desperate. Thinking back to the previous week's FHE Lesson, I remembered how wild the kids were inside when it was so nice outside.
Alright, everyone see the picture??

My solution? I picture scavenger hunt! I quickly grabbed my camera and made my way inside, outside, upstairs and downstairs taking pictures of different objects. I then came inside and printed the pictures wallet size. Using my "quick-thinking" mode, I came up with little moral lessons for each object I had photographed. Here are a few examples....Clue #1. Our NASTY garden box!
We talked about "Following the Prophet" in his counsel to become self-reliant. We also talked about what we could do as a family to prepare our garden for the upcoming planting season.
Clue #2. Our Piano.
We talked about having good, uplifting music in our homes and cars. We sang a few of the kiddos favorite songs and hymns as a family.
Clue #3. The Mailbox.
We talked about how we can communicate with loved ones through the mail. We then referenced it to how prayer is communicating with our Heavenly Father and that we should do it often. We had the children color pictures for the grandparents and we sent them out in the mail the next day.

These are just a few of the 10 clues we had the kids find. Our last clue sent the kids to the temple picture in our front room. We then talked about how families can be together forever and the importance of temples. Behind the picture we hid $10.00. We then took the money and drove to Farr's Ice cream (which is across the street from the Ogden Temple,) and had a yummy FHE treat while enjoying talking about the temple.

Our children thoroughly enjoyed this activity, as did my husband and I. It was a BLAST because they didn't need to be able to read in order to participate and find the clues. You could use this same idea for days when the kids are restless and bored!

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