Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sanity Savers

I am going to occasionally blog about some products that are "Sanity Savers" on those days when your kids are driving you nuts! (Yes, we can all admit that we have those days!)

Please understand that I am not telling you to go out and buy any of these products, but I will give reviews on the items that I blog about. I hope you enjoy it!

First up....

Window Markers!!Crayola makes these WONDERFUL little markers that work so well on windows. They run about $3.50 for a box of 8. I purchased mine at Target, but have also seen them at Walmart and Robert's Crafts.

When I first purchased these, I wasn't sure how the kids would react. I opened the front room blinds and handed the kids the box and told them to draw! They LOVED it! The first day using them, they colored on the windows for 35 minutes!

NOW, the pros and cons.
First up. Pros.
1. Promotes creativity
2. Gives mom a break while the kids have some "art time."
3. You windows get washed and cleaned when they are done!
4. They are inexpensive.

1. They dry out VERY easily. My boys didn't snap the lids tight on two markers and they were dried out the next morning. :o(
2. You have to wash the windows a few times to get them all the way clean.
They come off very easily, but leave a light "film" on the windows that you will need to clean off after the bulk of the color is gone.

I hope you have enjoyed this first-ever Sanity Saver review! Keep checking back for some other great products that ever mom shouldn't be living without!

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