Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bonus post!

Just had to share! Farr's Ice cream in Ogden (Behind the Temple) is having their 90th Anniversary TODAY, tomorrow and Saturday!

To celebrate, they are having vanilla ice cream cones for $.05 each scoop!! Flavored scoops are $.90 each. They also have "vintage" ice cream quarts in vanilla, orange sherbet and pineapple sherbet for $.90 each!

PLUS! FREE coloring books for the kids! FREE gift certificates given out hourly!
Tour their 1929 Delivery truck and try their new "Blue Moon Vanilla" ice cream flavor!
Commemorative 4 qt. Ice Cream cartons are just $4.99!
This si sure to be a FUN, but busy event! If you've ever been to Farr's, you know that it is crowded regardless of the time of go early in the day and just expect a wait. Have fun!!

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