Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crafting SANITY!

SO, I missed blogging yesterday....lets just say that I have been horrid sick since Monday morning and haven't felt like doing much lately. :oP

BUT, here I am today, looking at the mess that accumulated while mommy took a few days off! What a JOKE! I think the biggest joke of all is that my craft items, ie: laminator, book bindings, felt, sewing projects, etc, etc, etc. have no home! If my laptop was fixed, this is where I would download a picture of my pathetic "craft bin" in our room! (It would scare you--trust me!)

SO. This is where I need YOUR help!! What has worked for you as far as organizing your craft, sewing, project, etc. items in your home? Is there a trick or tip that you have found valuable in containing the clutter? If so, leave a comment at the end of this post. Hopefully we can all find some suggestions and solutions to help solve this craft dilemma!

Thanks so much!


  1. I thought for sure you, of all people would never have this problem! I use a LOT of the plastic shoe box bins. I label the fronts of them and the lid. This works really well for things like markers, pens, rulers, scraps, etc. I do the same thing with all McKayla's disarray of crafty items. I use the bigger totes (about the size of 2 shoe boxes or so) to keep all the odds and ends of a project I am currently working on. The boxes are clear so even not labeling them, you'll still be able to keep track of what you have. They stack nicely on shelves or even on the floor. I usually keep my more used items where they are more easily reached.
    So there is no confusion, I label all of the kid craft stuff with a sticker (you could use different colored labels, etc.). This way, she knows which boxes she can take out and use without needing help (Color Wonder, crayons, etc).

  2. I don't dare comment because I have this same problem!!! My hair bow stuff is taking over! And it is always out because I am always working on it! need a giant mobile station or something...