Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mission: Family Night

Family Night used to be a struggle at our home. Lessons were hard to plan and I often forgot to remind my busy husband to take time on his lunch break to choose a topic....well, this has all changed for the better! A great friend of mine told me that she had started using the new Church Nursery Manual for their family night lessons.
I was curious, so I drove down to the Distribution Center and purchased a copy for around $5.50. When I arrived at home, a great excitement came over me. The lesson manual was EXACTLY what I had been searching for in all of the FHE books that I had purchased in the past. Each lesson includes a song, attention activity, scripture and a fun craft/art project at the end. I was ecstatic to use this manual.
Well, our first night using this new manual was a success! Our children paid attention during the lesson, they were engaged with what we were doing and they didn't complain! The activity at the end was fantastic. My boys begged to do another lesson the following night.
This manual has been a family night life saver for me. Here is the BEST part....the manual can be downloaded FOR FREE from the Church's website. You can print the lesson, coloring pages and pictures for your family to use.
May you be blessing in your upcoming family nights!

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  1. Thanks Jessica, hopefully now that I have some advice I can make Family night a weekly thing. We spend a lot of time as a family and teach our girls things, but to have a more structured lesson is what we have been wanting.