Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with the kiddos. This year, we decided to make Leprechaun Traps!

Aiden made a "rainbow ladder" for the leprechaun to climb up. In Aiden's words, "The leprechaun will like my rainbow colors and climb in to see what's inside. Then he can't climb out because the ladder is on the outside!" That is one smart kid if you ask me!

While helping Aiden cut some felt for his trap, Branson decided that the jumbo ink pads were just the right size for his hands to fit on....This is the result.

Notice the perfect hand prints on his cheeks. Too cute!

Now, back to the traps.... When we were finished with our traps, we put chocolate gold coins inside the trap to lure the leprechauns to the trap. We are hoping that we can catch one of the little buggers overnight! Check back to see our results....

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