Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Party Help!

Hello friends!
My Branson will be turning 3 in two months!! I can't believe how time flies by! For his birthday party this year, he wants a "Buzz Lightyearl" theme.
As most of you know, I tend to go overboard on the party part....BUT, I am trying to stick more to a budget this year and not buy so much "pre-made" stuff.
I also will be loosing two weeks of prep-time because of our Disneyland trip! (YAY!)

So this is where I need your help! Please comment with your ideas and thoughts for his upcoming party. Specifically, I need some cake ideas!

To give you an idea of what I have done for "themed" parties in the past, here is a picture of my Aiden's 4th birthday cake. Notice that I don't do my own characters! :o)
SO, if you have any ideas for a Buzz Themed cake that wouldn't be just green frosting and a plastic figurine on top, (because that is all I have come up with,) shoot 'em my way!

Thanks SO much!!! I can't wait to see your ideas.


  1. What about a rocket ship? The shape shouldn't be too difficult to create, and you could do some fondant on the outside (i.e. windows, fire shooting out the back, maybe even some stars?). I'm sure whatever you end up doing it will be adorable. :)

  2. What about the Toy Story bed with Buzz and Woody on top? (Oh darn that is a cake with figurines on top)

  3. I thought this was really cute...and would be pretty easy to re-create. Sorry...another cake with a figurine, but think of it this way, he gets a cake AND a toy in one! This is something you can even do with your limited time. I have personal knowledge that a good cupcake freezes great. Just freeze after baking and cooling. Defrost a few hours before decorating and you're good to go.


    I do like the bed or rocket ship ideas. Very cute. I'm sure your crafty brain will think of something. Best of luck...I'm posting about a similar issue on my blog tonight...

  4. I, too, thought of a rocket ship with flames! Just cutting the shape out of a sheet cake and having Buzz sitting in the "driver's seat" would be very cool! Especially if you did a few cupcakes scattered around as 'stars' and a cake made in a mixing bowl (dome shaped) for a moon. Gauge a few craters with a melon baller and set it all out on a black cake board. Lots of cake, easy to do!

    Oh, and 'pin the Battery on Buzz' was a huge hit at my nephew's birthday party! Just like pin the tail on the donkey, but with batteries and a big Buzz poster.