Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Preschool: Squares

My boys are starting preschool this week and we couldn't be more excited. My Aiden is going to a preschool two days a week and I am going to be team teaching with some great moms for Branson's preschool. In an effort to be prepared for our lesson this week, I thought I'd share some ideas for our weekly theme: squares. There are so many fun ideas to choose from, so I'll just post a few for you to enjoy. (The target age for the lesson is 2-3yrs.)

Square Songs.
1. Using large, square cutout shapes, sing the following song:
"Put your square in the air,
Hold it high and keep it there.
Put your square shape on your back,
Now put it on your lap.
Put your square shape on your toes,
Now hold it on your nose.
Hold your square shape in your hand,
Now everyone will please stand.
Wave your square shape at the door,
Now lay it on the floor.
Hold it high and jump, jump, jump
Now throw it way, way up!"

Square Crafts.
1. Using colorful paper, cut out several different sizes of squares. Let the children glue or tape them on a white paper to form a picture. Show them before hand a sample of square flowers, houses, people, etc. Let their imaginations run wild!

2. Take four craft popsicle sticks and form a square. Let them decorate it with markers, foam stickers, pom-poms, etc. You can use it as picture frame for their square craft listed above, or you can take their photo and place in the square.

3. Using inexpensive sponges, cut them into squares. Allow the children to sponge-paint squares onto paper.

4. Take a cutout square and glue it to a craft stick. Put eyes, a nose, mouth and hair on the square to make it a stick puppet.

Square Activities.
1. Tape squares on the ground in a line or circle. Let them hop, crawl, run, etc. on the squares. You can also play a cake-walk type game with the squares.

2. Hide square objects or cutouts around the room before class. Let the children run around and find all of the squares in the room. Have them place them on a table for everyone to talk about.

3. Take turns holding up everyday objects and ask, "Is this a square? How do you know?"

In addition to some of the ideas above, we will be tracing squares, counting the sides on a square, learning that a square has equal sides and we will have some square snacks. Have fun with your children and teach them the great things about squares!

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