Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bucket Ghost

I decided that this year I would decorate our yard for Halloween. My kiddos are SO excited to see what kind of projects we come up with. Here is the ghost we made today. We are going to make 7 of these to hang from our front porch. I hope you enjoy it!

Items Needed:
1 gallon bucket
Electrical Tape
White garbage bag
Wire snips
Drill with 5/32 drill bit

1. Using the wire snips, clip the side of the bucket to remove the handle. Set handle aside.
2. Turn bucket over. Using the drill and drill bit, make new holes for the handle.
3. Attach handle in new holes.

4. Take the electrical tape and make eyes and a mouth. Place on bucket.

5. Tape the garbage bag on the inside of the bucket. Cut into strips.

6. Hang outside to welcome your ghosts and goblins!

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