Friday, September 25, 2009

Fairy Skirt

Here is another quick Halloween costume starter. I made this one for Caitlyn's fairy costume. Be creative and add as many layers as you'd like. This one is fairly short in length because Caitlyn isn't walking yet, but I'm sure a really long one would be SO fun for your little princess.

1. I started by measuring Caitlyn's waist. Then, using 3/4 inch elastic, I sewed it into a loop.2. Next, I folded up some tulle and cut it into 3 inch wide strips. (Watch the remnant bins for tulle. You won't need very much, and the bargain price can't be beat!)

3. Take the elastic ring and stretch over the back of a chair to give you space to work. (I used a small children's chair for this one, as the elastic was too small to fit over our kitchen chairs.)

4. Now, fold the strips in half and tie around the elastic band. (Take the tulle strip, fold in half and pull through the loop made when you folded it.) I doubled up my strips to add fullness to the skirt. Repeat this process until the elastic band is completely covered.

5. Remove the elastic from the chair. Tighten the tulle strips by hand. I added some small 1 1/2 inch wide strips of pink to accent the skirt.

I am using the purple butterfly wings that I bought for Caitlyn's birth announcements with this costume. I also used the leftover tulle strips and made a large bow. I am going to make a headband and attach the bow using a clip. Happy Halloween!


  1. Super Cute! I made these for McKayla, her cousin, and several other little girls for Christmas presents this year! I noticed how you were cutting your tulle in the picture, I like to keep folding mine in half until it's a smaller "tube-like" length of tulle. It seems a lot easier to cut since you're only worried about cutting a few layers at a time. Hard to explain, but I found a youtube video that does it the same way:
    I plan on making a few more this year. I really really like using the elastic this video shows using ribbon which, might be cute for your pictures or something. Doesn't seem to be too practical for multiple uses. I'll post some pictures on my blog of some I made. Tulle is only 97¢ a yard at WalMart. JoAnn's is my favorite to get the sparkly stuff like yours!

  2. Cute Jess! Maybe I will have you show me because I am a little slow when it comes to crafts. Kadence and Shelby would love these for dress up.