Friday, September 11, 2009

Cereal Box Paper File

In an effort to become more organized, I have been looking for inspiration to help keep everyday items out of the way. I have seen these everywhere, but have never taken the time to make my own....until now. This paper file is for my preschool construction paper. I plan on making some retro ones for my bills, papers, etc.

Items Needed.
Empty Cereal Box
Scrapbook paper or wrapping paper
Glue stick or double-sided tape

1. Cut one side of the cereal box on an angle to form the edge.
2. After cutting one side of the box, take the piece that you cut out and lay it on the opposite side of the box to form a template. This will ensure that your edges are the same.

3. You now have the basic shape for your paper file.

4. Using scrapbook or wrapping paper, cover your box with the paper. Do NOT use liquid glue to cover the box. Your paper will warp and bubble. I used scrapbook adhesive tape to cover my box.

5. That's it. Mine is really simple and basic, but it would be fun to add embellishments, ribbons or fun tags to yours!


  1. I will let you make me one of these, K? At least make me the box part and I will decorate it! The benefits of having a crafty sister!

  2. These are so great for paper! If you plan on making them to keep your own paperwork in them, you can make them a little stronger on wear by spraying them with adhesive and using fabric in place of paper. I love these to keep things organized.
    Since you mentioned that you're using them for your preschool supplies, it might also be a good idea for each child to have one. They can be kept on a shelf and used for those days that an art project drying time runs a little over. Let the project sit out and dry as normal, and "file" each one in the appropriate box. Sort of like a cubby idea, on a smaller scale.
    I use one for McKayla's construction paper supply, I used a large piece of craft paper and let her color all over it, then wrapped the box. A cute way for her to display some of her artwork on her bookshelf.