Thursday, August 27, 2009


On rainy days, my kiddos and I pull out our craft bins to find something fun to do. Here is what we made today: stilts!

Items Needed:
(2) Empty Formula Cans w/lids
Scrapbook Paper
Glue or Tape

1. Take the empty formula cans and remove the labels.

2. Next, place lid on can. Now, take a long piece of ribbon and tape the center to the lid.

3. Turn can over. You should have two pieces of ribbon--one on each side of the can. Take each piece individually and tape to the side of the can near the top. 4. Cut scrapbook paper to fit around the can. Glue or tape on.

*You'll notice the ribbon change halfway through my photos--my son decided he wanted different ribbon after he chose his paper.* That's it! Tie excess ribbon in a bow for your child to hold on to when walking.
Have fun with it! I know my kiddos sure did!

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  1. I made these as a kid using the big #10 cans. They are so much fun! I remember learning about them in a Ramona Quimby book :-)