Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crinkle Tag Toy

Hello! After taking a few days vacation from blogging, I am back and ready to go! This next item is my very first sewing project---ever! It was exciting to make, but I have a few changes and good lessons learned for the next time. These make great baby shower gifts and I am going to be making a few for Christmas too! I hope you enjoy it.

Items needed:
(2) 10 inch flannel squares
(1) 10 inch crinkle material*
Colorful ribbon
Sewing Machine
Patience! LOL.

First, gather your flannel and crinkle squares.Place one square of fabric right-side up on the table. Cut ribbon strips that match your fabric. Fold them in half and pin them along the edge of your fabric with the folded parts facing inward. You can choose how long your ribbons will be.Next, place the other flannel square on top of the ribbons, with the top side facing down. Pin your crinkle material on top of this square.Now, using a straight-stitch on your sewing machine, sew around the edges of the square. I left about a 1/2 in edge around the square.

DO NOT sew all of the way together! Leave a large enough opening that you can turn the item right-side out.

Next, carefully pull the pins out as you turn the square right-side out. Lay flat on the counter. (You'll notice that I have a pin in the bottom left corner of this picture. This is where I left my opening in the square. The pin is merely holding the extra ribbon in place until I top-sew.) Using a fun stitch, sew around the top of the square until all sides have been sewn shut. Be sure to remember your back-stitch to make it secure!

That's it!

*I used a sheet protector for my crinkle-material. You can also use a wipes package, popcorn wrappers, cellophane or any other plastic material that is washable.

TIPS: I would use a Teflon pressure foot when sewing this. The plastic can drag and this will prevent it from laying down flat. Also, when you are sewing the square together, don't start in the corner. Try to leave the opening somewhere in the middle. This will make it look nicer when you are top-stitching the item.


  1. Hi Jessica. This was perfect. I was putting together a box to send to my SIL who will be having a baby any day and this was another great thing I could make really quick and get in the mail. I love your blog. Lots of great ideas!

  2. This is actually one of my very favorite ideas! I saw this a while back at a booth during Art City Days in Springville. I LOVE it, I plan on hitting some sales soon so I need to pick up some fabric. Another suggestion is to take the same idea, make your squares either the same size, or larger if you choose and leave out the crinkle material. The lady I talked to that had made the stuff in the booth said she gives these as a "soothie" type item. Since most kids become attached to something like a blanket, stuffed animal, etc. why not let it be something that is a little easier to handle!? I happened to be browsing on-line when my daughter was younger and started reading about a fleece blanket product that doctors were starting to recommend to boost children's sense of touch and dexterity...my first thought was "Weird, McKayla has tons of fleece blankets..." Scrolling to the bottom of the page to the picture, it turns out this was one of those fleece blankets that everyone was making a while back. (Cutting out the corners of the material and making 1" or so strips all the way around the blanket, knotting each one.) This was selling for almost $20! My material was a lot less than that and nothing beats homemade gifts. This just happens to be a great twist on the whole idea! Using different textures of ribbon is fabulous. My favorite - I used rick rack instead of ribbon.

  3. This is my babies favorite thing! It occupies them forever and keeps them quiet, especially in church! Thanks for the idea!