Saturday, August 8, 2009

FHE Baggies and Treasure Hunt

When Nick and I were first married, I loved making "family night baggies." I would take a quart-sized ziploc bag and place our family night lessons inside. Each baggie would have the words to a hymn, scripture references, a fun activity and treat ideas. We would then trade baggies with other newly married couples in our ward. It made for a fun quick family night that needed little planning. I am now going to begin making family night baggies to go with our lessons out of the Church Nursery Manual. I hope you find inspiration in all you do!

Treasure Hunt:

Using a sturdy paper, such as card stock, cut out 15 circles, or any shape you'd like. Print or hand write the clues on each shape. (looking back on my original cards, I would make them a whole lot better this time around. I would use colorful paper, type the clues directly on the circles, rather than glue them and add some fun embellishments. Be creative and have fun with it!)

Here are the clues that I used for our treasure hunt. You can change or omit any you'd like.

Clue #1. Look under...Mark 4:38
Clue #2. Look in a...Genesis 49:4 (last word)
Clue #3. Look on a ...Matthew 5:38 (last word + brush)
Clue #4. Look in a... Psalms 60:8
Clue #5. Look in a...Alma 42:6
Clue #6. Look on the...D&C 136:12 (thing after 4th word) + Abraham 3:2 (28th letter)
Clue #7. Look on a...Proverbs 7:6
Clue #8. Look on a...John 10:2
Clue #9. Look in a...Luke 5:7 (last word)
Clue #10. Look in a...Ezekiel 34:26
Clue #11. Look high up in the...2 Nephi 15:10
Clue #12. Look in a...Zechariah 14:21
Clue #13. Look under the...Romans 11:19
Clue #14. Look in a...3 Nephi 12:40
Clue #15. Look under a...1 Nephi 1:7
At the end of the treasure hunt, you can put any type of prize you'd like. When we did this the first time, I put all of the ingredients to make brownies at the end so we could bake a family night treat. You can choose anything that will fit your families needs. Have fun!

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