Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Party Time: Favors

Birthday parties are always a big deal at our home. With an average of forty people at each party, the party favors can become a large expense. I have learned how to be thrifty in my spending and how to customize the party favors to fit the theme without breaking the bank. Here are a few fun ideas for your next party!
#1. Re-cover items to fit the party theme. Below are photos of silly-string that I recovered to make "Spiderman Spiderwebs" for Aiden's upcoming birthday party. I have also recovered play dough containers, bubbles and candy bars to match a party theme. You will find that paying $.15-$.20 for an entire sheet of paper is a lot less than buying a pre-made themed item! Possibilities are endless.First, I removed the tape that secured the cap to the silly string.Second, I found some cute spider paper at the local fabric store for $.16 a sheet. I measured and cut the paper to fit around the can.

I then used clear tape to secure the paper to the can. (You can also mod podge the paper on if you have more time or energy.)

Viola! "Spiderman Spiderwebs" for only $.88 a piece. Can't beat that!

#2. Purchase items that come in a multi-pack. Once again, I use the dollar store for my party-purchases. (I use the term "dollar store" lightly---I never go when it is $1, I wait until $.88 Tuesdays!) You can find 6-packs of play dough and bubbles and many more multi-pack items. For Aiden's upcoming party, I found Spiderman airplanes in a two-pack, a twelve-pack of Spiderman stickers, a six-pack of silly straws and other cute items.

#3. Plan ahead of time. If you give yourself enough time before the party, you can find the best bargains and ideas online. Do an online search for your party theme, and the results will be almost overwhelming!

#4. Buy party essentials on clearance throughout the year. Tablecloths, goody bags, plates, cups and napkins are always being clearanced out because the color is "out of style" or the pattern has been discontinued. Stores like Target have "hidden" clearance areas. Check the back side of each aisle (the side facing the walls.) This is clearance PARADISE! I will walk the entire perimeter of the store to find the great deals. Just an FYI: most large stores put away all of their clearance items after October 1st. This is to prevent you from buying clearance items for Christmas.....thus, this is why I am usually done with Christmas shopping before October!

#5. Be Creative! Kids are easy to please. Items like silly-straws and friendship bracelets are always a hit with the kiddos--plus they are inexpensive too! Don't limit yourself to one or two particular items. My goody bags usually have two items that go with the party theme, and the rest of the items are just "fillers." The kids go nuts over their treasures and I leave happy knowing that I made them smile.

I hope you have found some inspiration for your upcoming party goody bags! Keep an eye out for more party suggestions and ideas, as I will be doing a lot for Aiden's birthday this month. ;o)

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  1. I did some of the similar stuff! I always try to plan McKayla's parties in advance, as far as certain items go. This year, she wanted a luau, which would normally be no problem since that stuff is out every summer. Except, her birthday is in July, so by the time it comes around, all that's out in most stores is the red, white & blue items. I plan on posting some of the pictures from her birthday on my blog (I just started it, and I'm lazy with getting pictures off my compact flash since it holds a ton). I bought bubbles from the dollar store, there were 3 to a package (the smaller ones come in 4), the labels looked thin & cheap. I took them off, measured them, got on my computer, & made some cute labels to replace them. I taped them on with double stick tape. It was a cheap & personalized item. The kids loved running around blowing bubbles & smelling all the different colors since they were scented bubbles. I also continually checked places like Oriental Trading Company for discounts (if you register with them, they will send out 15% off coupons, free shipping emails, etc). Anyway, like I said, more to be posted on my blog later.