Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saving Tip of the Day!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are going to be HUGE days for the coupon clippers out there. All Utah Smith's Food and Srug Stores are doing double coupons for 3 days only. No special "coupon" required for this sale. There are sure to be free items, dirt cheap items and more! Post your great finds in the comment section! Happy Saving!


  1. Well, I didn't make it out to the store until 10am, so it was pretty picked over. I did manage to get $30.51 worth of products for $.38...not too shabby. :o)

  2. OK, so here is what I bought.... Four Kens Salad Dressings, Four packs of Mentos gum, Four Right Guard deoderant, One Secret Deoderant and a can of spaghettios. Not the best shopping trip overall--they were out of a LOT of items. Check your local Smiths for potential savings:
    Dannimals Yogurt: Free after coupons
    Johnson & Johnson First Aid items: Free after coupons
    Sure Deoderant: Free after coupons
    Reach Floss: Free after coupons
    Reach Toothbrushes: Free after coupons
    And MUCH, MUCH more!