Monday, July 27, 2009


This post goes along with the Summer Toe Rings that were posted previously. I keep two or three of these on hand for quick gifts. You can decorate your can a lot cuter than the one shown here....I was running low on paper and supplies when I made this.


One large can of food

Can opener that cuts lid from the side

Pedicure items
(I usually put in lotion, toe rings, fingernail polish, file, toe separator, clippers and some cute toe stickers. Feel free to be as creative as you'd like!)

Colorful paper


Any embellishments you'd like to add (ribbons, tags, stickers, etc.)

Super Glue


Take the can of food and open using a side-cutting can opener. Empty contents, remove label and wash thoroughly. Let dry.Gather your items to put inside the can.I use an empty lip-gloss container to put a few toe rings in so they don't get lost.

Cut the paper to fit around the can. Use tape to secure edges.

Fill can with items. You may add some tissue paper or paper shred to keep items from rattling around. Take lid and put super glue around the rim. Place back on can and press firmly for at least 60 seconds. Finish decorating can as desired. (I usually make a cute tag with the contents listed, add a fun eyelet and attach to a ribbon.)

*SHOPPING TIPS: I keep a stash of about 15 cans in all different sizes in a box downstairs. You can buy the contents for the can at almost any dollar store and you've been shown how to make the toe rings to go inside. Be creative and have fun with it!

*TIP: Start saving a few cans NOW to be used in a future post!

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