Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beanbag Balls

My son, Branson, loves ANYTHING to do with balls. As most of you know, I am going to attempt to make all of our Christmas gifts this year for my family. These balls are for a beanbag toss game that I am making. A cute drawstring bag to hold them in will finish off this project.
3- 9 or 11 inch latex balloons (3 balloons are needed per ball)
Rice or lentils
Bag clip
Step One:
Blow up one balloon. Use the bag clip to keep the air in the balloon. Let sit overnight to stretch the balloon out.
Step Two:
Take the remaining two balloons and clip off the "neck" part of the balloon. Set aside.

Step Three:
After letting the blown up balloon sit overnight, release the air. Stretch the opening over the funnel. Pour rice into funnel top. Pull down on balloon as you are filling it with rice. This will help get the maximum size for the ball.

Step Four:

Carefully cut the neck of the balloon off. Using one of the previously cut balloons, wrap around the filled balloon, sealing off the opening. Stretch the remaining balloon over the ball. You're done! These remind me of the stress-balls that they sell in the store. They are durable and lots of fun to play with. Have fun!

SHOPPING TIPS: This is a VERY cheap project! I bought a bag of 25 balloons for $.88! I had the rice at home, so this project was dirt cheap. Happy Shopping!

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