Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Jump Start a Car

This post might seem silly to some of you, but sit back and ask yourselves, "If I were alone and had to ask a stranger to jump start my car, would I be able to do it?" If your answer is yes, then there is no need to read on, but if you answered, "no" or "maybe,"this will be a quick refresher course!

What you'll need:

Jumper cables

Car with a charged battery

Car with a dead battery

1. Bring the car with the charged battery as close as you can to the dead car.

2. Open the hoods on both vehicles.

3. Locate the batteries on both vehicles.

4. Get jumper cables and make sure that they can reach the batteries of both vehicles.
(if not, try to position car with the charged battery closer so the cables will reach.)

5. Take one of the red cables (+ positive) and attach to the battery of the dead car. Attach by clipping the positive (red) cable to the positive terminal post.
(this terminal usually has more corrosion than the negative terminal and will be indicated with a + sign. You may need to remove a cover from the terminal before attaching the jumper cable.)

6. Now, take the black (- negative) cable and clip it on to the negative (- black) terminal post of the dead car.

7. Repeat the same process on the car with the charged battery.

8. Start the dead car's engine. It should start within a few seconds.

9. Once the vehicle starts, remove the cables in reverse order, starting with the charged car and ending with the "dead" car.


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