Saturday, July 25, 2009

Easy Summer Toe Rings

Summer is the perfect time to give yourself a pedicure and show off those wonderful feet! I love wearing my flip-flops and a coordinating toe ring. This post will show you how to make your very own "toe-bling" for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy!

Supplies needed:

*Elastic jewelry cord (approx. 6 inches)

*3 crimp beads

*Fun, colorful beads (small)

*Scissors or wire snips

*Crimper or needle-nose pliers


Pick up the elastic cord and one crimp bead. Slide the crimp bead onto the cord. Leaving about a 2 1/2 inch tail behind the crimp bead, use your pliers to crimp the bead down.

Choose beads of your choice and thread them onto the elastic. (Make sure that the bead section isn't so long that it wraps around the sides of your toe.)

Thread on another crimp bead and clamp it down on the opposite side of the beads to make them secure.

Take the remaining crimp bead and thread both ends of the elastic cord through its center. Crimp down using pliers. Cut off excess cord.

Viola! You have an adorable toe ring! (I took a picture of my ring on my finger--after looking at the close-up picture of my toes, um, well, lets just say that it wasn't pretty!)

*SHOPPING TIPS: I bought the elastic cording at Joann's with their 50% off coupon that comes in each Sunday's paper. The total cost for the entire roll was around $2 after coupon. The crimp beads go on sale about every other week at Michaels and Roberts Crafts. They also put out a 50% off coupon each week that brings the price down to approx. $1.50 for 50 beads. Each toe ring costs about $.20 each---much cheaper than buying them in the store! Customize your own to fit your personality and style!

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  1. So cute! I'm lovin this blog of yours! Keep it up!