Friday, April 9, 2010

File Folder Games

In an attempt to keep my kiddos a little quieter during our weekly church meetings, I decided to make some file-folder games. These were a lot of fun to do, and I look forward to finishing the rest of them! Here is how I did it....
Supplies Needed:
(1) File folder game books (or come and borrow mine. I've already paid for it, so save yourself some money!) They can also be found online.
Copies of the games, colored and cut out.
File Folders (I cut mine down to fit my laminating sheets. If you plan on taking your folders to Kinkos or somewhere to laminate, you can leave them full-size.)
Glue or tape (to attach the sheets to the folder)
(Above) The supplies gathered and ready to go!)
This particular game is a rhyming game. They need to match the pictures up with words that rhyme. (Car/Star, Tie/Pie, etc.)Once your papers are mounted on the folder, simply laminate.
**Spotlight Review. I have this WONDERFUL laminating machine that I received as an early birthday gift from my hubby. It is called the "Your Story" machine. Not only does it laminate, but it also binds books!!! Let me tell you that it has been the BEST thing ever! I have had SOOO much fun with it. If you ever need to laminate some things, give me a call!After laminating all the pieces, simply cut out. Using velcro or magnets, attach small pieces to both the file folder and on the "game" pieces.
We plan on taking a few of these in the car for our Disneyland trip. I hope the kiddos like them!


  1. I made a whole bunch of these for Christmas gifts and laminated them by hand. Needless to say I never made any for my kids, I was burnt out. Someday I will buy a laminator!

  2. I found a ton of these great games...I've printed them all and still have yet to color them. My child will be 15 before I do them, I'm sure.

  3. I am hanging my head in terribly-unprepared-mummy shame. Not only do I neglect church, I also neglect to think of anything to entertain the children should I ever take them to church. I do however envy you your laminator.

  4. This is great! Curious to know where you found the handouts. Thanks!