Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Snow!

Happy Winter! (You'd think at least by looking outside! LOL!)
To help with this "wintery" weather pass along in peace, I decided to blog about a snowman kit that was given to us as a gift this past winter. (The REAL winter, not this fake one that we are currently facing!)
SO, here is what it is....
(1) Basic felt hat. Simply sew the fabric into circles and add a nice brim.
(1) Felt scarf. SUPER easy! Cut felt into a long strip and clip the ends.
(8) or so.... Wooden circles with a hole in one end.
(8) or so dowels that will fit into the end of the wooden ball.
(1) can of black spray paint (paint the wooden balls and dowels black)
(1) plastic carrot
Snow!! My kiddos simply piled the snow in the yard and patted it firm.
Using the dowel/circle buttons, press them into the snow to make eyes, (a mouth, if desired) and buttons. Decorate the snowman using the remaining parts.
My kiddos LOVED this project in APRIL! Looking outside right now, it looks like we might be able to do it again tomorrow!
Happy Snowy Spring everyone!!

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